Lump Sum Exit Scheme

Earlier this week, the RPA announced guidance on the Lump Sum Exit Scheme which caters for those wishing to leave farming, either to retire or take up a different occupation.

We expect applications to be between April and September 2022. More guidance about the scheme will be published before applications open.

Eligible Applicants must have either:

  • Claimed, and been eligible for BPS payments in 2018 or earlier;
  • Inherited agricultural land, or succeeded to an Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 tenancy, after 2018.

Before receiving the lump sum payment, you must:

  • Transfer your agricultural land (you can keep up to 5 hectares) or plant it with trees under a woodland creation scheme;
  • Transfer grazing and pannage rights you have on any common land;
  • Surrender (give up) your BPS entitlements.

If you would like more details please contact Webbpaton on 01793 842055, otherwise we will discuss this with you at your BPS appointment if it is of interest.

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