Farming Transformation Fund

DEFRA have now opened the second phase of its Farming Transformation Fund. This phase is labelled ‘Improving Farm Productivity’ and supports investments of over £82,500 with a 40% grant of up to £500,000.  The minimum grant is £35,000.

What the grants are for:

  • The use of robotic or autonomous equipment and systems to aid crop and livestock production
  • The installation of slurry acidification equipment (improved nutrient management, reduced ammonia emissions)

Note – Automated Equipment must meet the relevant criteria to qualify for the grant.

This is open to:

  • Farmers and horticulturists in England who own the land on which the activities will take place, or have a tenancy agreement in place until five years after the project has been completed
  • Agricultural/Horticultural Contractors (including sole traders) in England.

Important dates:

16th March 2022 – The initial stage where proposals can be checked for their suitability closes

14th September 2022 – the deadline for full applications

31st December 2022 – the deadline for applications where planning permission is to be secured

Click the link below to find out more about the grant, or phone us on 01793 842055 to discuss in more detail.

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