Countryside Stewardship payment Rates

Following George Eustice’s speech on 6th January 2022 at the Oxford Farming Conference, DEFRA have announced that payment rates for many Countryside Stewardship revenue options will increase, with an average increase of 30%. This is for both existing and new agreements.

While most payment rates are increasing, some remain the same and some have decreased. Any decreases will not apply to existing agreements, only applying to agreements starting from 2023.

Example new payment rates for options popular to WebbPaton clients include:

  • GS2: permanent grassland with very low inputs – £132 per ha;
  • GS4: legume and herb-rich swards – £358 per ha;
  • AB1: nectar flower mix – £579 per ha;
  • AB8: flower rich margins and plots – £628 per ha;
  • SW1: 4-6m buffer strip on cultivated land – £419 per ha.

If you would like any further information please call WebbPaton on 01793 842055.

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