Countryside Stewardship Capital Grant

Countryside Stewardship Capital Grant applications are now open! These are grouped into three categories:

  • Boundaries, Trees and Orchards – eg hedgerow planting, laying, gapping up and stone wall restoration etc;
  • Water Quality – eg fencing, concrete yard renewal, roofing over FYM/slurry stores, rainwater goods etc; and
  • Air Quality – eg automatic slurry scraper and low ammonia emission flooring for livestock buildings.

Some items under Water Quality and Air Quality do require Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer approval, please contact us to see if you are eligible.

The maximum grant available for any application is £60,000 but there is a limit of £20,000 for each of the above three groups. Applications will remain open until all the funding is allocated. If you would like more details please contact either Pippa Wildern or Pippa Glanville on 01793 842055.

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