BPS Entitlements

It has been confirmed that all BPS payment rates will be phased out over a set period commencing from 2021 and ending with the final payments being made in the 2027 scheme year. The payment rates will be reduced by a designated percentage dependent on the BPS payment band. A table detailing the 2021 payment reductions, and future reductions, can be found on the RPA website.

Values of Non-SDA entitlements at present range from £130-£170 per hectare, depending on variable factors such as quantity sold and whether the businesses are VAT registered. SDA entitlements are currently trading around £180 per hectare. At present, there has been no indication that the trading deadline will be altered from the usual date of 15th May.

WebbPaton are very happy to assist with selling or buying entitlements, email post@webbpaton.co.uk or phone George King on 01793 842055.

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