It is that time of year again when mud and soil can very easily end up on public roads. Make sure you stay within the law and are aware of your liabilities to avoid being prosecuted under the Highways Act 1980 and/ or the Road Traffic Act 1988. If the Highways Authority have to clean the road on your behalf they will look to recover the costs from you. To make sure you stay within the law here are some helpful tips:

  • Do everything possible to prevent mud being deposited on the road. This includes cleaning mud from vehicles as far as practicable before they are taken onto the road. The fact that cleaning mud off tractors and attachments is commercially inconvenient may not be a defence in law.
  • Only use signs that are authorised. The recommended signs are: The ‘Slippery Road’ triangle with ‘Mud on Road’ sub plate and, if appropriate, the ‘Men at Work’ sign should be used. Signs must be at least 750mm.
  • Make sure signs are positioned to give maximum visibility and warning to other road users.
  • Clean the road as necessary during the working day and always at the end of the working day.
  • Where a contractor is used, ensure that prior agreement is reached on who is responsible for mud on road issues (signage, cleaning etc) and ensure that adequate public liability insurance is in place.

If you have any queries on this please contact one of the WebbPaton team on 01793 842055.