Renewable Energy

WebbPaton act for farmers with the following renewable energy projects:

Solar PV farms

We have acted for farmers on over 400 megawatts of Solar PV which is now installed on 40 different farms throughout the UK, including the two largest solar parks in the UK at Sandridge Solar Farm and Landmead Solar Farm, both 495 megawatts.  George Paton is recognised as a national specialist advising farmers on solar pv on the farm.  He has negotiated the Heads of Terms, liaised with lawyers on the legals,  valued clear up bonds, negotiated cable routes  as well as reinstatement of the land  following construction.  Over the years we have been involved with solar leases with Belectric, INRG, Conergy, AEE Renewables, Green Hedge Renewables, Wessex Solar, Wirsol , Hive, Hazel Capital, British Solar Renewables, Voax,  Renewable Power, Greencells, to name a few companies.

WebbPaton Renewable Consultants

Wind Turbines

Love them or hate them wind farms have produced a significant income for farmers who are lucky enough to obtain planning permission for turbines.  WebbPaton have negotiated terms for landowners on various Wind Farm Options and Leases.

Wind Turbine


Gas Powered Generation Sites

Local gas powered electricity generating sites are the latest electric diversification for farmers.  Farmers need a gas pipeline and a electricity substation close to hand.  Opportunities to rent out farmland for this projects are available.  Please ring George Paton for more information.

Lithium and Ammonia Battery sites

Again you must have land close to a substation.  Please ring George Paton if you think you may have a suitable site.   Income potential is very high for lucky farmers.

Bio Digesters

WebbPaton have advised farmers looking at anaerobic digestors on the farm.  We can arrange farm finance for your renewables projects.  In recent months we have helped landowning clients negotiate Heads of Terms when they have been approached by developers to rent their land out for 6 to 9 megawatts on the land.  Recently we have been involved with several gas to grid Bio Digesters sites.

Bio digestor


Fracking gas / Shale Gas on Your Farm

Undoubtedly land agents are going to have to advise farmers and landowners about the opportunities of fracking on their land.  We have already been approached by clients in southern England who have been contacted by fracking companies, and now survey work is underway.  We are available to offer advice to farmers on the Heads of Terms for Fracking Gas Options and Agreements.  Please contact George Paton.

Future Renewables

In the science labs there are now exciting second generation renewables which will be significantly less land hungry.  We are ready to assist all of our farming customers with their renewable projects.

Farmers have two options – either find an investor or developer to carry out the project, or alternatively invest themselves. WebbPaton have experience of setting up Options and Joint Ventures with energy farm developers and investors, and are able to assist in finding funding.

Solar PV Farms / Solar Fields and Solar Roof

Solar Farm Oxfordshire UK     South Marston Solar Farm

Solar Farms are a fantastic diversification opportunity for farmers. Over the past five years WebbPaton have advised our farming clients on harvesting electricity from the sun. If you need advice on choosing a solar developer, on solar rents and the Heads of Terms of any solar agreements please ring George Paton at WebbPaton.

We currently have 2,780 acres of land with planning permission for solar farms in Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, Devon, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire, with 400 megawatts built on land where WebbPaton acted for the landowners as Land Agents.

Please see below some solar fields already built where WebbPaton negotiated the Heads of Terms on behalf of the landowner:

Sandridge Solar Farm (49.5 MWph)

Landmead Solar Farm (49.5 MWph)

Elm Farm Solar (22 MWph)

Steventon Solar Farm (10 MWph)

Goose Willow Solar Farm (14 MWph)

Poulshot Solar Farm (14 MWph)

Stow Solar Farm (9 MWph)

Cock Hill Solar Farm (14 MWph)

High Penn Solar (9 MWph)

Pentylands Solar Farm (11 MWph)

Rodbourne Rail Solar Farm (4.98 MWph)

South Marston Solar Farm (4.98 MWph)

Roves Farm Solar Farm (7 MWph)

Bentham Solar Farm (9 MWph)

Lower Bassett Down Solar Farm (4.98 MWph)

LBD Community Solar Farm (4.98 MWph)

Norrington Common Solar Farm (11 Mwph)

Broughton Gifford Solar Farm (14 MWph)

Roughleaze Solar Farm (4.97 Mwph)

Sutton Benger Solar Farm (4.67 MWph)

Lains Farm Solar (4.54 MWph)

Castle Eaton Solar Farm (11 MWph)

Click this link from ThringTV to hear from WebbPatons and Thrings clients who have rented their land out for solar