Thinking of buying some new kit? In need of cattle equipment, handling systems, a new vacuum pump? Badger-proof feed troughs, cow brush, electric scraper, GPS and more?

Farmers wishing to invest to improve animal welfare and farm efficiency might be eligible for some RDPE small grant funding that’s just been announced, which is available from £3,000 up to £12,000 at a 40% grant rate.

This is a one stage online application.  You will need your SBI & CPH numbers, stock and number of employees then once submitted the RPA will assess the applications as the resources are limited to £60 million.  If your grant is approved you will have 150 days to purchase your equipment.

Contact George King at WebbbPaton (or your usual agent) if you need any help to apply – the deadline is 14th March 2018 – on 01793 842055.