Round 2 of the Countryside Productivity Small Grants (CPSG) scheme closed to applications on 3rd September earlier this year.  Since this time the RPA has been checking claims and now awaits a decision from DEFRA regarding the level of funding available for the applications received.  At present the RPA is not in a position to confirm when agreement offers will start to be issued to successful applicants.

Please be reminded that items included in an application should not be ordered or purchased before receiving confirmation from the RPA that your CPSG has been approved.  Once approved, all items included as part of an application must be purchased in order for the grant to be reclaimed.  If your application is unsuccessful we are aware that there will be a CPSG Round 3.

If you have any questions regarding a current application or would like to know more about the CPSG scheme please contact WebbPaton on 01793 842055.