Basic Payment Scheme entitlements are required in order to claim farm subsidies.  WebbPaton buy and sell England Non-SDA and SDA entitlements for clients.  We also assist clients with completing their claims, answering questions on the RPA rules and cross compliance issues.  The claim deadline is 15th May each year.  The BPS which is outside of Brexit, is due to continue in some form until 2027.  In 2018 it paid claimants at £228/hectare (£90/acre) and is subject to the euro exchange rate.


WebbPaton have entitlements available for £120 each plus VAT, or £135 no VAT.  If you need entitlements, or if you are wondering if you are eligible to claim, just give us a call on 01793 842055 or email post@webbpaton.co.uk for further details.

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