A reminder that Lady Day (25th March) – a traditional start date and term date for agricultural tenancies – is approaching.


Depending on the terms of the tenancy, this may provide an opportunity for the landlord or the tenant to seek a rent review or terminate the tenancy. If you received a rent review notice last year, Lady Day also marks the deadline for concluding negotiations or appointing an arbitrator if these are set to continue.


It is important to check the terms of your tenancy as each individual agreement is different. If you would like further advice please contact WebbPaton on 01793 842055.


As spring rapidly approaches many landowners will be looking to grant a Grazing and Mowing Licence over the summer months.


It is important to make sure Grazing and Mowing Licences are formally documented, this way both the landowner and the grazier can be sure of the terms of the agreement reached.


Annually WebbPaton draw up a large number of Grazing and Mowing Licences and would be delighted to assist you with your 2019 Grazing and Mowing Licence.


Oxfordshire Growth Board is consulting on where development could be in Oxfordshire between now and 2050. WebbPaton are acting for a number of farming clients promoting land throughout Oxfordshire. If you would like us to put your land forward please contact us.

We have submitted a detailed case this week that the A420 corridor between Swindon and Oxford should be upgraded. With the two towns only 27 miles apart this is a good corridor for economic development. Currently the proposed Cambridge to Oxford Expressway finishes at Didcot, so it is pointing that future traffic will travel the 49 miles from Oxford via Didcot and Newbury and then down the M4 to Junction 15 at Swindon. The question is: will lorries and traffic moving east to west across the country travel the 22 miles further or will it just add to the burden of the already overused A420 route?

With the Oxfordshire Growth Board calling for ideas the concept of new villages between Oxford and Swindon and the dualling of the A420 could see the pressure taken off elsewhere in Oxford along the most direct route to the West Country.

This was brought up at England’s Economic Heartland Committee Meeting in January. The thought of using the CAMKOX Expressway route to link Harwich to Avonmouth via Milton Keynes & Swindon makes a strong economic case.

For more details please contact George Paton at WebbPaton.


A reminder that the 2019 Hedgerow and Boundary Grant application window opened 18th February and closes 3rd May. The Grant is a competitive scheme designed to help restore existing farm boundaries, and bring environmental and landscape benefits to your land. Only one application for each farm business can be applied for each application round, with the maximum grant available being £10,000.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested on 01793 842055.


A reminder for anyone with a Countryside Stewardship agreement with the option Permanent Pasture with Low Inputs (GS2) in place. There is a small opportunity remaining to carry out the following activities by the 14th March before we enter the closed period under this option:

  • Applying restricted amounts of fertiliser or FYM
  • Undertake any activity which requires machinery
  • Cut back bracken
  • Cut back rush



Please keep in mind for the coming months that under the requirements for GS2  you are not allowed to cut for hay or silage until the 1st July.


Please contact any member of our team if you have any questions regarding the above or about Countryside Stewardship in general.


If you own or occupy land with public rights of way (PROW) you have an obligation to keep routes open and accessible and clearly visible at all times of the year.  PROW include footpaths, bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic (BOATs).


In practice this may mean:


  • clearing hedgerow or vegetation growth over a PROW and making sure routes are not blocked by locked gates, barbed wire or fencing (including temporary fencing)
  • maintaining stiles and gates in a safe and useable condition.  In the event a structure needs to be replaced, speak to your local council who may contribute towards the cost.
  • making good the surface of cross-field PROW within 14 days of it being disturbed.  The minimum width of cross-field footpaths is 1m and 2m for bridleways.


These obligations are set out under GAEC 7b of the cross compliance rules.  Breach of these rules may result in a penalty being applied to your BPS payment.  For further information please contact one of the team at WebbPaton on 01793 842055.

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