Early dairy fund payments

Farmers across the UK have started to receive their share of support payments from the EU Dairy Fund, two weeks ahead of schedule.  The flat rate payment for dairy farmers – linked to milk production – is just under 0.176 pence per litre.  The first payments have been made by the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) to around 10,000 eligible farmers with the remainder to be paid throughout November and December.  In order to receive the dairy fund payment farmers must be registered on the Rural Payments system.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact WebbPaton or the RPA Helpline on 03000 200 301.


2015 BPS Payment Rates Confirmed

The BPS 2015 Entitlement Values, Greening Payment and the funding required for the National Reserve have now been confirmed by the RPA.

The BPS 2015 Entitlement Values are: €171.83 Non-SDA, €170.60 SDA Non-Moorland and €45.07 SDA Moorland

The Greening Payment (additional payment over and above the BPS entitlement value) values are €76.19 for non SDA, €75.64 SDA Non-Moorland and €19.99 SDA Moorland.

The National Reserve has required 0.75% of the Direct Payments fund.  (The exchange rate was confirmed at the end of September as being €1 = £0.73129.)

Therefore, the value for both Entitlement and the Greening Payment for Non-SDA land in 2015 equates to £181.37/ha (£73.40/acre).


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