Spring is just around the corner, although it feels like it has been with us for the past month already, and Brexit is here. With the landslide election result behind us, WebbPaton has seen a significant interest in both entitlement seller and buyer enquiries which promotes a confident outlook on the 2020 trading season. We have received confirmation that the 2020 BPS payment rates will be on a similar basis as 2019, at around £230 per hectare. This assurance has already created a positive start to the trading season which we only anticipate to grow.


WebbPaton have already been agreeing sales of England non-SDA entitlements at £130 – £160 per hectare, depending on variable factors such as quantity sold and whether the businesses are VAT registered or not. SDA entitlements are currently trading around £200 per hectare.


The RPA opened the online transfers yesterday, a day earlier than originally planned, and with many buyers paying by BACS these days the whole process can be completed within a couple of weeks subject to the RPA confirming the transfer. The deadline will be 15th May as usual.


We are very happy to assist with selling or buying entitlements for your clients, so please do contact us by email post@webbpaton.co.uk or phone 01793 842055 to discuss your requirements.